Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Pirate Party!!!

Last month, I turned 4!  I wanted to have a pirate party so Mommy and Daddy invited all my friends and we had one at my house.  We did lots of fun games, I broke the piñata, had lots of yummy food and ate a pirate cake!  I loved having all my friends here....

Kelsey and I

 My pirate ship cakes!!

 Blowing out my pirate ship cakes....I love the canons firing off the sides!

 Treasure hunt!

I'm 4! 


 My friend Cash and I

 Popping the "canon"

 Cute Pirate Princess Halle

 Another cute pirate, Kelsey, walking the plank to hit the piñata!

 Jacob actually busted it!

 The pirates...minus the little ones =)

 Love my little pirate!

 Daddy and his pirates

 Love my other little pirate!

 We played "Pin the patch on the pirate...."

 We also did a treasure hunt and found ring pops as the reward!!

Another pirate princess, Cami!

I had so much fun at my party!  I love my friends and family!

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