Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just having some fun around here!

Since Mommy can't seem to update the blog consistently, there are too many fun and funny things Jackson and I do to pass up posting a pic.  Here are some of the fun things we did in March!

 Cheese ball.  This is exactly what Jackson IS!

 We had some beautiful sunny days in March! Time for a tan!!!

 ....and water gun fight!!

 I wanted to dress like Daddy one day.  I picked out my clothes, tucked in my shirt and put on my belt all by myself.  This is my "work shirt".

 Just learning some photography....

 I got some new nike shoes that look like daddy's and some new "workout" shorts so I decided I better workout with Mommy and/or Daddy!

 To get rid of some of my balloons, I decided to send one to God.  Here's my note to Him in Heaven. I hope He gets it!!

 Letting it go!

 Eating our ring pops from my birthday party!

 My actual 4th birthday breakfast.  I picked pancakes with chocolate chips on them.  Pancakes are my absolute favorite food to eat....with lots of syrup of course!!!

 Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Grandad got this table/bbq set for my for my birthday.  I have fun sitting out there to eat and cook up some food for Jackson!

 One of our Thursday play days was a day at the zoo...Here's some of my friends at the zoo!

 The LA Zoo just opened a new Reptile Exhibit.  Here we all are outside of the exhibit!

 Just another day in Target...this time Mommy let us ride the huge cart.

 Hi!  I'm going with Mommy and Daddy to Canada!

 For Spring, I decided to expand my craftiness and make a burlap wreath!  Came out nice!!

GOOOOODDDD Morning!!! 

 In March, we did a craft to make a hill and tomb where Jesus died and was buried (and resurrected) to remember Christ for Easter.  Here's me helping make the dough for the hill! Mommy forgot to take a picture of the final project!!!!

 We played lots of baseball in March.  Jackson was in the outfield one day dressed like this.  =) Love the 1 shoe look!

 Just doing a little Insanity workout with Daddy!

 Mommy took me on an ice cream date to Ben and Jerry's....Mmm!!!!

Can't you tell I loved it!??!

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