Friday, April 20, 2012

Jackson's Park Birthday Party!

We normally have a play group with a bunch of friends every Thursday.  This week we decided to celebrate Jackson's 2nd birthday with a balloon, cookie cake and a few presents!  This was the easiest birthday party I've had to plan EVER!!! =)

 They were singing Happy Birthday and he didn't quite know what to do!!

 Nice, yummy blue frosting!

 At the park they also have a free petting zoo!  These were the pop belly pigs...


 Horses and going to the fair but free!!!

 Ms. Vanessa bought all the kids deer food to feed the deer....probably the highlight of the day...except for the cookie cake, of course!

 Feeding the deer...Jackson actually wanted nothing to do with the animals.  He was scared of them!!!!  He held on to me very tight!

 They also had an old house you could walk up a hill to see.  A few of us walked up the was 93 degrees that day!  Boys are pooped but did it!

Jacob and his "friend" Halle.  I love how "cool" he looks in this picture...She was already sitting at the top of this hill and he went to join her!  I think he has a little crush!!!!  Who wouldn't blame him... she's sweet, beautiful and comes from a godly family!

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