Thursday, April 12, 2012

Malibu and a few extras!

Last post to catch up for the month!  We went last weekend to Malibu for the afternoon because it was the perfect temperature at the beach!  77 and sunny with no wind!  The boys had a lot of fun and we enjoyed the sun!!!  Jacob first got there scared of the water....but by the end of it...he was loving it!  Well, at least playing in it with his legs!  Jackson, on the other hand, was still scared to death of it.  He was VERY content staying in the dry sand!

 Doing some handstands in the sand!

 Practicing "surfing" in the water with the boogie board.  He was soooo excited when he was able to stand up and stay up while I pulled him and not fall in!  

 Daddy and Jacob dug a huge hole in the sand and found sand crabs....Daddy had Jacob come and throw one on me...which I was not too happy about!!! Oh well...glad he liked doing it!!!

 I love this picture!!

sand crabs....

 This was another day we took a bike ride over the bridge to a park.  The boys laid on the bridge watching cars go by under them!

 Pool day!

 Our last Thursday play day was at the LA Arboretum.  Never been there or heard of it....we will be back!  It was such a cool place and had LARGE areas of land where the kids could all run around!  We were greeted when we first got there with this large peacock blocking the way!  The kids loved it (and so did us moms!).
 They had ponds, waterfalls, bamboo forests, fields, rocks, everything a kid could want to play on!!!!!

 Ended the day with push up pops!!!

 Last day of Jacob's awanas!  He's had a great year learning verses, stories about God and meeting new friends!  Here are two of his friends he met from my table....Eisley and Delaney.  Notice the girls were a little intimidated to put their arms around Jacob! ha!

Lastly, we spent an afternoon with Gia, their cousin, since she was on spring break....we went to this indoor place house.  This pic was right when we were about to leave...boys are a little exhausted! ha!  Glad to have a cousin around that loves the boys!  She is about to have a baby sister in a week or two!  Can't wait to meet her!

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