Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter Break and a New Year

This blog has everything to catch us up to speed with the new year!  I know, it might be long but I've caught up!!  Here's what we've been up to lately!

One of the boys' presents for Christmas was a season pass to the LA Zoo.  Since our Disneyland passes expired, we figured this would be a fun one especially for Payton and Jackson to enjoy while Jacob is in school!  We were able to go and see the reindeer right after Christmas!

The weather has also been crazy….soooo warm for December and January! Summer temps at our house and at the beach! We decided to hit the beach on day where the temps were in the upper 70s low 80's!  We went to Venice beach for a change.  The boys enjoyed the "muscle beach".

Such a gorgeous day and sunset!

Happy New Year!  We rang in the New Year with our friends, the Newbolds!  The boys stayed up until 12am!!!!!  I was quite surprised…Jeremy wasn't. 

Pics right before the clock struck midnight!

Payton was even awake to ring in the new year!

This picture is just hilarious.  She loves to ride in the car at Kid's club now…Here, I think she was about to fall asleep!!!

One of her new girlfriends, Hadley Mehringer!  Welcome to the world, Hadley!  They were even twins that day!  Unplanned!

Jacob is killing it in gymnastics!  It's a little blurry because I had to zoom…but he was able to hold his handstand on the parallel bars for a couple seconds!  He's currently working on his back handspring!

Here's a pic of Payton's 7mo picture from Picture People!  What a cutie!  We love her so much!

Another playdate with a girlfriend, Reagan Poladian!

Since the neighbors went out of town for the week, we were able to enjoy their trampoline in the backyard a couple days!  The weather was gorgeous and the boys loved it!!!

One of the projects I did over the break was reorganize the garage….It still has lots of boxes, but I feel it's organized chaos until we own a house again.  While going through the boxes I found this little gem of Jacob when he was 6 mo!  I see the resemblance of him and his sister….

Payton's hair is growing!!!

And the boys are getting bigger (Jackson has grown an inch!) by eating carrots!  They wanted a pic since it was the big carrots rather than the minis.

Experimenting with her first clip!  It's almost there….Her hair just needs to grow a little more so it will stay in!

One day in the New Year, we took a trip back to the Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball Cultural Center.  A free day, can talk about the Bible and they love the interactive exhibits!

Even got to have a playdate with school buddies at Scooter's Jungle one day.

The boys made the Queen her castle. =)

Another crazy night we headed over to the Mitchell's house for some food and fun with tons of kids and adults!!!!  Their playroom looked like this with 13 boys and a couple girls…out of control!  Funny thing is that we actually got to have lots of adult fun because the kids just did their own thing!  

We have also watched lots of BRONCO GAMES and now they are in the SUPER BOWL!!!!! Hoping for a good win in 2 weeks!!!!!  GO BRONCOS!

School has started back up and here's jacob doing homework the first day back…I asked him if he was ready to go back and he said he wasn't.  He said he wanted to play his video game all day!  Ha!  That has not happened….and he enjoys seeing his friends,

Awanas have started back up again too!  Jackson with his Cubbie friends!

The gym has been more frequent….which means this girl gets to have fun outside on the swing and in the cars….

My little ballerina…..

whom I want to be a gymnast…..

While Jacob was at school one day, it was just too hot to not go to the pool!  We packed everything up and headed to the heated pool at Paseo Club!  Payton loved it once she got adjusted to the water!  Great way to keep Jackson practicing his swimming!

So Cal in JANUARY.

More playdates!  His friend, Gianni from school.

Daddy's little princess.

One night, Jackson fell out of his bed and must have slipped right on the wood…because he cut the top of his mouth and his whole lip and cheek were swollen!  Poor boy! Thankfully, nothing was broken and no concussion!  Crazy sleepers!

Just doing Sunday devotionals in Sully's crate with Cammy Hayes.

loving the park!

This is what happens with your brother feeds you dinner! YOU LOVED IT!!!!! It was like finger painting!

I've enjoyed just spending time with Jackson on these days when Jacob is at school and Payton is napping.  The other day, Jackson and I put together 7 puzzles, read Bible stories and colored pirate pictures together.  Savoring these moments because I know they will be over in a blink of an eye!

And here we are today….all caught up on the blog….and Jacob has been hit with the stomach bug.  We have surprisingly been really healthy this winter so far…so it's a first for him to be down.  Thankful it's the weekend and that it could be worse…hoping it's only 24 hrs and that none of the rest of us get it!!! Fingers crossed!!!

All caught up!  If you endured that really long post- good job.  Sorry for so many pics but I just love capturing these times since they grow up so fast!!!!  Thankful to the Lord for the times He's given to us and the grace in the life we have now on earth!

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