Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday and Break Fun

Jacob and some classmates for a little "after school snow day"

Jackson just reading to his sis in bed!

watching her brothers play outside and wishing she could be out there!

Mommy finished EWG and they have a luncheon at the end of each semester.  Jackson and his class sang us a few songs up front and it was fun watching him be a ham!

Jacob's kindergarten Thanksgiving feast!

Crazy friends, Nico and Nolan

Jackson was double fisted at Thanksgiving dinner!

 What they (and I) need on sleep in!!!

 and lots of gymnastics!

We also had a trip to Disneyland!  We were on a hunt to find a princess for Payton and found one!  Glad we could experience Disneyland again during the holidays because we aren't renewing our passes so the times with be less!  Thankful for friends, Jenny Poladian =), to let us go with her!

We found the princesses....but Payton wasn't too impressed!

Jackson was though!

She liked the carousel!

His favorite ride, Haunted Mansion (or Nightmare before Christmas).  He wanted a pic by it.

We took the kids to the Grove one night after the big tree had been set up so they could experience some fake snow... =)  Lots of little bubbles.  Ha!  But they had fun!

Target also had a "snow day" so the kids enjoyed throwing snowballs for a little while in 50 degree weather!

Writing their Christmas lists for Santa! (another post)

Giving this dog some exercise!!!!  Jackson did come out strong with the win but it was a fight!

Pajama Day and Crazy Hat day at school!  Glad I could be a part of the party and fun!  His friends Nolan and Grant. 

His class

Enjoying the beautiful weather in December with times at the park.  Having to fill breaks with something other than Legos and TV in the house so I'm thankful we have great parks nearby!  These kids are strong too, so they love the ones with monkey bars and workout equipment!  (Mommy and Daddy may have helped with their love for those things!) 

Now it's time to prep for Christmas!  

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