Thursday, January 2, 2014

Payton's Stats!

Payton's growing and growing and growing but still a little peanut!  Here's some pics and her stats from the 6mo checkup and some pics from 6-7mo!

6mo birthday!

Can't believe how fast she's grown!  Such a little doll.

Before she could really stand up her brother loved to "help her" stand in her crib.  She sure loves her brothers!

The one time I've seen her sleep after eating...

she LOVES the swing at the park!  Laughs and smiles the whole time!  Her first time in the swing!

Hiking at Vasquez Rocks.  

Her first wedding with Daddy!  Made things a little more meaningful knowing Daddy will one day be walking her down the aisle!

Her 6 mo checkup....All before getting the shots!  She measured 13lbs 6oz and 25" tall.  Falls into the lower percentile but that's exactly like the others! 13% for weight and 25% for height but she's a sweet, fun little cutie!

Jackson was there to hold her hand while she was getting her shots.....UNTIL he saw the needles and didn't want to watch or hold her!  He was so fearful of them!  It was hilarious!

Love her eyes!

If she has nothing in the hand to hold while she sucks her fingers...she grabs anything in site.  She didn't have the blanket when she fell asleep so she grabbed her beanie and covered her eyes....Has done it numerous times!  It's hilarious!

Around 7 mo she started making this cheeseball face in the top right corner!  Silly faces by PayPay!

My little stylin snowball.  I love having a GIRL!!!! =)

Our neighbor and her friend, Cassidy.  =)  They are one month apart- Payton's older.

We love you little precious girl!!!!! So thankful to have you in our life!!!

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