Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Labor Day

Every year, we have our tradition to hang out with friends for the weekend.  This year was no different, but we missed the McElroy's that have been a part of the tradition every year!!!  Also, every year someone has announced they were pregnant....and thankfully, that didn't happen either.  We had a great trip to Palm Springs with the Hayes'!

All the kids slept on a pull out couch...it was pretty entertaining to see how they ended up falling asleep!!

The secadas (noise making bugs) are everywhere!!! Laney had no problem holding them (dead or alive)

Sunday morning means Bible time!  Laney read to them.

When we weren't inside the condo or the guys weren't golfing, we were at the pool!! It wasn't very busy this year and had the pools almost all to ourselves on Labor Day! (The week before they had massive flooding there so maybe that turned people away...however, the weekend we were there, it was perfect and the board had drained, cleaned and refilled all the pools!!)

Payton enjoying her time

The pool water was salt water (not chlorine) but apparently had quite a bit of salt because everyone who opened their eyes underwater had red, burning eyes!!  Therefore, all the kids wore goggles after the first day!

This is our Labor Day tradition meal.  I figured I would take a picture just to have record: BBQ ribs, Corn on the cob, salad and beans!  MMmm....!!!

 We love the time we get to spend with friends every year during the long weekend!!  

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