Saturday, September 7, 2013

High School Camp!

Every year we have the privilege to serve with other followers of Christ at our High School Summer Camp.  In years past, it's been in Glorieta, NM but this year they moved it a little closer, Point Loma University in San Diego!  It was a blessing for us to not have to drive 18 hours!!!  It's a great week to spend extra amounts of time with High Schoolers, lead Small Group discussions, play lots of fun competition games and just enjoy God's creation!  We are thankful that our boys (and little girl) can experience camp at a young age and see what it's like to serve in the church with the body of Christ, see the importance of listening to someone proclaim truths from Scripture and just have fun with the High Schoolers!  The students love our kids, which is always a blessing and allows time for Jeremy and I to actually play the games and some volleyball here and there!  It was a great week and the kids were troopers....they were exhausted when they got home but enjoyed every moment when they were there...especially eating the soft serve ice cream cones from the cafe every day!!!  Here are some pics from the week (there are a lot from game time but that's because I didn't think of taking many at other times!

Our faithful friend and babysitter, Kari

Our volleyball team...a few students were missing. =)  Tad and Monika Mehringer

Go Surfers!!!!!  Payton was on our team too.... Love my super senior and seniors, Jena and Amanda!

Face Painting is a must at camp.

The view each seeing the ocean at all times!!!

 Unfortunately, Jeremy was on another team, the Cypress....although I dressed the rest of the family in surfer colors, his team did way better than ours!  They came in the top 3.

Another great Senior, Kelly!

This is the earth huge!

This is what happens when you are too busy playing and playing and playing....he got to take about a  30 min nap each day!

One of the nights they have a carnival after the session....which includes cotton candy, popcorn and tons of blow up games....All of the littles ditched the session (never in high school will they do that!) so they could get time all to themselves to play on the bounce houses!! So much fun!  The future generations of Campers for Camp Regeneration!

Payton just enjoyed the glowsticks and watching all the action....and then sleeping. =)

My co-leader and partner in crime, Cari Logston!  She was on Games Crew this year but a previous small group gal!  She was a blessing to help lead the small group time when I wasn't able to be there a few times!

The MOST IMPORTANT part of camp, the preaching of God's Word!

Yes, a real pig's head!!!  Jackson and Jacob WERE NOT sure about this game.  The object is not to get pulled into the trashcan and the pig's head.... it's a group tug of war game.  =)

This was a relay and the guys here are putting a dead squid through their shirts...boys were shirt about this one either!  Who knows if they will want to play games once they are in HS!

While the guys put squid through their shirts, the girls have to pick up and pass a peanut from mouth to toes all the way down.... not as bad, I don't think!

They ran around this numerous times!! 1 lap= .25mi.  They got some exercise that week!

One of our faves...

another fave...

Finally, my wonderful small group girls!!!

We love this week of the summer and are so glad we get the opportunity to serve alongside other amazing staff and students, primarily to tell students about the love of God and point them to the truth and the need of putting their trust and life under their Savior that died for them and rose from the grave to give them LIFE!  We pray that our own children will believe this truth at a young age as well!

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