Saturday, September 7, 2013

Camping at Leo Carrillo

Every year in July, Mike and Cyndi Hayes go camping for the week at Leo Carrillo State Beach Campground and this year we decided to join them for the weekend!  My parents graciously gave us a tent that was big enough to house the whole family so we were able to use it!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic of the tent actually at the campsite....but I did take one when we practiced setting it up in our backyard!  We enjoyed our time with them and realized we enjoyed it more as kids because we were able to play while the adults set up and packed everything when it was time to go!  Glad we can experience tent camping with the boys....and Payton did great for her first time sleeping in a tent (at 3 mo!).  Since it was across the street from the ocean, we were able to go to the beach each day.... but the weather was pretty overcast the days we were there!  

Packing the food....well, trying. =)

When we arrived, Payton enjoyed staring at the trees in her pack in play while we set up camp!

The gorgeous ocean...

lots of fun rocks to climb on!

lots of sand castles....

buds. Cami and Jackson

One of my favorite things camping: campfires and yummy smores!

The next morning we went on a little hike to this pond at the back of the campground.  The kids searched for tadpoles and we took home about 6 of them..... 2 became frogs and we released them in the grass (do they live in grass???) and the other 4 were about to not we took them to the Bridgeport pond and released them there!  Phew!

Another day at the beach...This beach has tons of tidepools at low tide...but we didn't find anything too exciting.

lots of hermit crabs.

a pic of Jeremy and I...since we hardly take them (but with Jacob photobombing it!)

a pic I took on a morning run...I could get used to that view!

The Hayes have a pop up the kids enjoyed being inside it one morning!

 The kids climbed trees while we packed up!

 ...and made their own store.

 We had a great time and truly enjoy their friendship!  Looking forward to doing it again next July!

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