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I can't believe the time has finally come and I'm writing a blog post of Jacob starting Kindergarten! I remember when Jeremy started this blog before Jacob was even born....man, time goes by quickly.  The little peanut, red head baby has now ventured into the public school system, surrounded by people who don't love Christ as first importance and surrounded by the teachings of others, besides us as parents.  Scary.  But, exciting.  Exciting to see him shine as a light to those he is around, exciting to see him excel in class by paying attention and doing well in school, by meeting new friends, and most importantly, noticing and asking why kids don't pray for their lunch at school.  These are years where he will be challenged and grow in what he knows that is right and be tempted to sin.  We have prayed for this time and will continue to pray for these formable years that he would be a light and remember the things we have taught him about the One who knows everything we do, about One who is our Comforter in time of trouble, about the One who loves him unconditionally, and about the One who died for His sins.  It's an opportunity to see him shine.  

No, I didn't cry.  I got a little teary-eyed once we got home but while I was there, I was more excited for him and nervous.  After we left, Jacob looked like he was so nervous to go into his class but when I picked him up, he was a completely different person!  Bridgeport Elementary is really well known for their academics and known as a great school in our district.  The teacher he got, Mrs. Sandefur, is highly recommended by others as one of the best Kindergarten teachers.  Loves the kids and has control over her classroom!  Perfect!  We knew 3 other people from Awana going to Kindergarten there but 2 of the 3 were placed in 2 separate classes so he didn't really know anyone going into his class but 1 girl....and he's not about girls these days...... =)  

We had a meet the teacher night the Monday before school started (Wednesday), so here is Jacob nervous as can be to be in the classroom.....

He warmed up a little bit after he saw a sign that had numbers 1-30 and he knew he could count to 100.  Confidence.

This is Bradyn Herrera.  She is one of the girls from Awana but is in a different class.  Thankful I get to see her mom everyday at drop off and pickup!

The night before school started, Jeremy took Jacob out on a Father/Son date to Chick-Fil-A to encourage him to be an example, a good student and a faithful friend!  Jeremy said he was affectionate and paid attention the whole time...so sweet.  Showing off his watch from his kid's meal.

Jeremy also taught him something "manly".  He loved learning how to pump the gas!

Here's a collection of the First day pics!

Yes, I'm the dumb mom that accidentally wrote the wrong date for the first day of school on the chalkboard!!!!! These are pics I took once he came home from school (not as nervous!!) so I could have some with the right date!!!!

Walking to school!

Telling Pay Pay bye.

Jacob and his teacher, Mrs. Sandefur

And off he goes!

The first week, after we dropped Jacob off each morning, Jackson, Payton and I walked back to the pond to see the ducks and turtles.  This is the reason I didn't cry...I was distracted.  =)

The first day, Jackson walked into the house after the ducks and started crying.  He said he didn't want Jacob to be gone to school for "too long".....He was sad  and missed his brother, but got over it quickly with snacks and puzzles with mommy!  These two are going to get real close these next 2 years!

This was Jacob after picking him up the first day!  A happy, (too bright) smile!  He was allowed to bring his bear to share with the class on the first day and then not allowed any more.  It was a good opportunity to say bye to it!  He's done great by not being too attached anymore!

TV time with Payton.  I think they look alike in this pic!

I got this book from The Land of Nod.  It's a keepsake book for every year during school.  Looking forward to starting it and seeing how he grows each year!

This pic was the 2nd day....way more excited to go!!  However, right after I took this pic, he apparently got left on the playground and didn't make the line going into his classroom with his class.  I happened to be outside the school talking when I turn around and see Jacob with another lady all alone in the playground crying!!! He said he didn't know where his teacher went and apparently, didn't follow her in.  He had to be taken through the office to his class with some other lady (I have no idea who she is)... this was harder for me than the first day!!! I couldn't help him but let the lady direct him.  Thankfully. that morning I had talked to him about being strong and courageous and that the Lord is with him always and he doesn't have to be afraid (Josh 1:9).  I was able to remind him of that verse while he was on his way to his classroom.  So thankful we can instill truth in a practical way and he can see it used for good.  I'm sad he was left but thankful he could grow and trust in Christ on his own!  He did fine the rest of the day and hasn't had a problem since then.  Learned the hard way!

The first week, he got Super Bee!!! This is a take-home friend for Super Behavior!! Way to go, Jacob!!!

This is one of his crafts he took home spelling out words on his own.  So cute!  Keepsake.

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