Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Month AFTER Christmas! All Caught Up!!!

This is a little of what we've done since we've been back!  First thing first, set up the pirate ship!


 Ride bikes! Jackson actually trying to ride his brother's....

 Playing at the park with the warm weather!!!

 We also had ANOTHER Christmas with Grandma D, Grandpa, Aunt Natalie and Gia!  I got a remote control car from Gia!

 I got Gia some clothes and a book she really wanted. 

 Jackson got this musical pusher....He LOVES it!  He runs with it in our house singing the songs!! I like it too...

 Aunt Natalie is going to have another little baby girl in June!!!  We can't wait to  have another cousin!

 One of the presents I got were these nerf shooters.  Gia and I had war outside...I think I won!!!

 Eating a cookie Grandma D and Grandpa got us!

 Another thing we've started doing is attempt to show Jackson what the "potty" is!  He didn't really go here...but thought it was a cute picture so Mommy couldn't resist. =)

 For Laney's 6th birthday party, she had it at an ice skating rink!!!!!!  I'm a pro now!!!! Look at me go all by myself!  Mommy wasn't even on the rink for this picture!!!

 Laney and I....

 Cammy and I....

 I had been crying right before this picture, but wanted one with the two girls.  Happy birthday, Laney!

 We've also been doing lots of digging and searching for bugs since we have a bug catcher and carrier.  I've only put an ant in the carrier but I think it either died or crawled out.  I'm on the hunt for something big. In the meantime, making a big mess!!!

 Just notice Jackson and my bronze skin...must have gotten it from Daddy.

 Finally, to catch up to date, last week we went on another trip to Disneyland after everyone went back to school!  There were hardly any people there so we got to go on lots of rides!  We went with Juliette.... she's my babysitter too but is in College now.  I had lots of fun!!

One last picture of what I play with most.....Jackson......and the pirate ship.....with GOLDFISH. =)  DAILY.

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