Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I've Been Up to These Days...

January and February have flown by because I've been having so much fun!  Here are some pics to show what I've been up to lately!

Mommy and I made our first chocolate banana popsicles from the popsicle maker daddy got mommy for Christmas!  Mmm!!! I loved it!  I can't wait to make more!!

I've been playing lots of games and conquering puzzles lately.  Yes, I can even do 100 piece puzzles!!!!  I'm getting pretty good at them....I also like to beat Mommy and Daddy at boardgames like this one and Sword-fighting on the Wii!!! I'm a pro.

We made funnel cakes too!!!  Ate mine in about 10 seconds. =)

Love going to the park!!  I've started showing Jackson the to climb UP slides, up and DOWN ladders and go on the monkey bars!  Mommy gets scared at times, but I make sure to help him! (not always!!!)

Every Thursday we've been hanging out with my friends!  Mommy gets to spend time with her friends too.  We've gone to different parks in Los Angeles, the Zoo and Scooters Jungle playhouse so far!  I LOVE it!  Here's my friends and I at the Zoo!

Here's an orangutan and her baby!

 It was a good day at the Zoo!  The Hippo was even smiling for pictures!

Here's my good buddy, Hudson. =)  We have lots and lots of fun together!

 We also went to the Library for the first time!  I've started to learn the sounds of letters so I like reading.  Jackson does too!

Aunt Tera and Uncle Aaron got me a pirate canvas for Christmas.  Here's my first finished painting. (Mommy only helped a little bit!)  I LOVE pirates....Jackson and I play pirates every day.  I'm even having a Pirate Party for my birthday next month! 

We've played and played outside....We even caught our first lizard!!!!! Then we let it go the next day so it could eat and drink....

AWANA is going well!  I've memorized over 15 bible verses!  Here's my friend Austin.  We like to play together at AWANA!

No, it's not "crazy hair day"...This is what my hair is like when Mommy doesn't take me to get a haircut!  I did my hair all by myself this day!!!!  Mommy got it cut the next day so it's not as fun styling.  She has to help!

 Mommy was gone one day so we had Kari babysit.  She's one of my favorite babysitters.  Mommy enjoys her too!!!  Thanks, Kari!

 Brother love...I love him lots!

More park time...Mommy says I'm getting bigger.  I know I'm definitely taller!  She said she misses me as a little boy but I LOVE to get big.  I'm taller than a lot of them and I even have size 8 shoes now and tell all my friends!

 Here's a picture that I drew of Mommy.  Guess Mommy wears too much mascara!! =)

 I've been practicing baseball so I can be on a team this year.  I can hit the ball REALLY far and daddy is really proud of me.  He's been showing me how to do it the right way.  I hit right handed right now so daddy is hoping I become a switch hitter since I do everything else left-handed!

 Frequent trips to the store have to be somewhat entertaining without someone falling out of the cart!!!!

Mommy LOVES this picture.  I'm big.  Jackson wants to be big like me.  Maybe one day.

I've been riding my bike a lot on walks now!  On this trip, I even rode to the bike path and back!  It was about a 2 mi loop..... I did it all except the big hill back up to our house so Mommy can to carry my bike up and I walked.  I love riding my new bike from Santa!

When Kari babysits, she knows how to play the guitar.  This time, she tried to teach me songs.  I now call this my own guitar (even though it's Mommy's).  Hopefully Kari or Mommy will teach me some songs soon because I love to sing!

 Finally, Mommy said she wanted to start giving me some daily chores.  One of them is feeding Sully.  I decided it would be good to show Jackson how to feed him in case I forget.  Glad my brother can help me!

Hopefully, you've enjoyed a taste of my life the last month!  Mommy says we've been busy but it's lots of fun stuff!!!!! I don't know why Mommy gets tired by the time I go to bed!!!!???  All this time, Daddy is busy at work so he's tired too!  

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