Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jackson's Adventures!

You saw what I've done this last month...but what about my brother???!?!?!

Jackson LOOOOOOOVVVES singing on this stool!  It's one of his favorite things to do.  For this picture, we were watching the Broncos in the playoffs...but Daddy said they didn't do good.  So, Jackson thought he'd sing instead.

 Daddy taught Jackson how to do "touchdown!"

Jackson also like trying to type on Mommy's computer and has figured out how to play with Mommy's phone and Daddy's iPad....I taught him how to do it. =)

Jackson LOVES chocolate...just like I do!

Here's one of the days we were playing "Pirates".  This time Jackson was the pirate and I was a good guy.

On January 26th, Mommy and Daddy dedicated Jackson at church.  This means they take him to the front and acknowledge their intentions and desire to love him the wait God desires Mommy and Daddy's to and they will teach him about God and what it means to love God and obey God.  They did it for me too when I was a baby.

 Here's Jackson on the pew at church...right before he went in front of everyone!

Jackson liked to eat and eat and eat. AND make a MESS, MESS, MESS!

This month he started going potty in his little toilet!!!!!  I showed him how to do it and he's done it lots of times.  When I was little, this age was when Mommy started potty training me.  She said maybe it's time to start training Jackson!  He also went poo-poo in the potty!  Good job Jackson!!!!

 This month Jackson also learned how to climb out of his crib.  Probably because he sees me climbing on everything.  Mommy and Daddy decided to change his bed from a crib to a big-boy bed (a little earlier than wanted).  Jackson has had lots and lots of spanks because he gets out of his bed lots and lots of times.  In this picture, he decided to climb in bed with me.  He's getting better but Mommy says he's a little rebel (whatever that means!).  Lots and lots of discipline but he is learning!!!!!

More brother love....

 Whenever we have our play dates on Thursdays with my friends, Jackson has his friends come too.  Here's Jackson at Scooter's Jungle Playhouse!

Silly, silly bathtime....

Just imitating me....

Here's Jackson climbing up the ladder at the park.  I taught him how to do it.

He loves me...

Jackson likes to exercise with Mommy when she does a workout video.  Here's Jackson about to stretch with Mommy!  I like to do it too....but get tired quickly!

Jackson makes lots of messes.  I usually help him clean up with a towel but this time Mommy had to help.  Guess he wanted more fruit loops. 

My little brother gets really pink cheeks when he plays hard or gets hot.  I think he has Daddy's skin.  Mommy thought this picture was cute so she said to put it on here.  This was after a hot, sunny day at the park at the end of February!! 85 degrees!!!!

That's a little bit about my brother!  More to come later!!!!!

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