Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Mommy and Daddy Have Been Doing!!

Mommy and Daddy have been really busy.  Daddy has been working lots and lots so I really get to spend lots of time with him on the weekend (donut shop and playing outside!).  We are thankful he works though, so Mommy can stay home with Jackson and I!!!!  Mommy has been busy with Bible study, High School girls, working here and there on projects, AWANA and keeping up the house after Jackson and I play and make messes daily!!!  In the meantime, Mommy and Daddy have had some "fun" too!

This wasn't so fun for Mommy...but she took a picture anyways.  Jackson was throwing a fit and decided he would fling his head back as hard as he could.  He did and didn't know Mommy was right behind him.  He hurt her cheek bone and gave her a little black eye.  Mommy said it was a good thing it was her and not Daddy he hit because it probably would have broken daddy's cheekbone again after his surgery!

For Valentine's Day, Daddy took Mommy to a Mexican Restaurant by Staples Center called Rosa Mexicana.  They said they had really good food!!!!!  After the dinner, they went to a Laker Game!!!  Thankfully, the Lakers won and they had a good Valentine's evening! 

Mommy goes to Biblestudy every Wednesday while Jackson and I go to our classes and learn about Jesus too.  Here is Miss Michelle (Weston's mommy)and Miss Deidre (Madison's mommy) with Mommy.  Madison's family just moved to Virginia so she took a picture with her friends.  I will miss Madison but her Daddy is a pastor of a church in Virginia God is going to use their family to preach the good news to those who need to hear it!!!!

On one of our park days, Mommy and another Mommy (Vanessa) saw this "older boy" and kept staring at him.  Apparently, this "older boy" was Justin Bieber!  Mommy told me he is one of the most popular rock singers at this time.  He was there with his family and took a picture with Jackson and Colt.  Jackson was scared of him, I guess.  =)  Mommy couldn't believe she saw him!!! She's silly....  

Here's Justin Bieber again.  It's for real. 

Another day, Mommy took some High School girls to play frisbee golf and then a couple to get pedicures. Here's some of the High School girls!

Finally, I drew this picture of Mommy and Daddy.  They love each other and I love them too.  I even drew hearts around them!!!!

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