Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas in California AND in Oklahoma!

Since we went to Oklahoma for Christmas, we celebrated Christmas two times!!!  We had Christmas Eve at our house in which we read the Night Before Christmas story and opened 1 present each.  Actually, two presents, because one of them were slippers and those didn't count!

 I got a nerf gun and Jackson got animal puppets!

 On Christmas morning (in California), I was a little nervous to come downstairs to see if Santa really came.  I did leave him cookies....and left the fireplace doors open so he wouldn't get stuck...but didn't know if he brought me anything!  I had to hold Mommy's hand when going downstairs.  Sure enough, he had come!!! He filled our stockings and left me some of the things I asked him for in the letters!!!

 I got a "talking lemon" in my stocking.  Actually, it's a talking orange but I call it a lemon.  I love watching the videos mommy calls "stupid" on YouTube so I can't believe Santa brought me one in my stocking!  He also left me a NEW BIKE and robots!!!!!  He left Jackson some beans filled with sand toys to play in the house... just what I asked for Jackson!!

 We also saw this present after we were all done with our own under the tree.  Daddy's hair stylist got this for Jackson and I!!! Mommy and Daddy apparently waited to show us this huge pirate ship because I would have stolen the show.  I liked this best out of all the presents!!! Good thing Daddy's hair stylist knows Jackson and I really well!!!

 After we opened presents on "Christmas morning", we got on an airplane and flew to Oklahoma!  I was excited to go on an airplane!  I was sad I didn't get to play with all of my toys.  I made sure to bring lots of them in my backpack.

 Here's my new bike!

 Jackson opening up some presents at home...Mommy didn't get too many pictures.

 Once we got to Oklahoma, it was late at night so we went right to bed (kind of) when we got there!  We had lots of fun things to do for the next week that Grandma and Grandad and Aunt Tera had planned.  First, we made sugar cookies AGAIN for Santa!  Apparently, he was coming again that night since he already had come to my house...it took him a little while to fly all the way to Oklahoma.  I wanted to make sure he got some more good cookies with lots of sprinkles!!!

 Aunt Tera helping me...

 Grandma too! I loved seeing them!!

 Here are the cookies, milk and card I left Santa.  He ate all the cookies, drank the milk and took the card!  I made sure to leave him the ones with lots and lots of sprinkles.

 Christmas morning in Oklahoma was kind of crazy because we had church too.  We opened our stockings and saw what Santa brought- Santa brought me this really cool truck with a drill and brought Jackson a toy train!!!!  I LOVE my truck with drill.  Thanks, Santa!  Then, we ate a yummy breakfast (monkey bread and eggs) and went upstairs to open up the rest if the presents before we left for church.

 Aunt Tera and Uncle Aaron got me this cool puzzle set.  I now can master all of the puzzles ALL BY MYSELF!

 Jackson got some fun blocks we all played with while we were there too.

 Family Christmas picture for 2011!

 Uncle Aaron reading books to Jackson.

 Great Grandma and Great Grandad came over with the rest of the family for lunch after church.  I didn't remember lots of them but had fun with the kids anyways!

 One of the best parts was taking a bath in Grandma's whirlpool jet tub!!!! We LOVED all the bubbles!!!!!!

 One of the days, we went to a real outdoors ice skating rink!!  It was so fun!!! Mommy helped me skate so I got better and better!  Just need a little more practice before I'm a pro myself!

 While Mommy and I were ice skating, there was a big hill right next to the rink so Jackson and Aunt Tera, Uncle Aaron and Daddy were all running and rolling down it!  I thought it looked fun so I decided to join in after I was done....

 We went to the park a couple times....the weather was in the 60s so it was beautiful!

 I also did lots of hiking behind the house.  Grandma and Grandad have woods back there so I loved taking my tennis racket and lead the way.  We even saw a dead opossum!  Mommy thought it was a dead cat...I listened to Daddy, who was probably right.

 Another night, we went to Mommy's Aunt and Uncle's house to see more cousins.  Here is Connor.  He's a couple months younger than me.  We had lots of fun wrestling!!!!!!  I think I won....

 Here's Mommy and her cousin, Marcia and all of us kids!  Connor had a little sister who was only 4 weeks old!

 Jackson looks silly wearing Aunt Tera's glasses.  Hopefully he won't need them in the future and has Daddy's eyesight.  Not Mommy's.

 While we were there, Mommy thought it would be fun to take out Grandma's wedding dress and try it on....it fit!!!!  We then packed it back up for another time but Mommy had fun seeing it!

 This hat was Great Grandad's.  Apparently, he didn't have any hair so there was hair attached to the hat!  I thought it was silly!!!

 On our last day, we went to eat at this really good BBQ place in Downtown.  It was in a cool building so Mommy took some pictures.  The food was really good and hopefully I can go back there when we go back to Oklahoma!

 One last trip to the park before our journey home....Our journey was supposed to only be a 2 hr drive to the airport and a 3 hr direct flight home, but ended up being 15 hours of traveling instead.  We finally got home at 5am the next morning.  I was glad to be back in California and I know Mommy and Daddy and Jackson were too!  We had a great time and miss seeing Grandma, Grandad, Aunt Tera, Uncle Aaron and everyone else already!

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