Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas with the McElroy's!

Every year Mommy and Daddy try and get together with Mark and Kari for Christmas.  This year we went down to their house and stayed for the weekend and I got to see my friend Kelsey!  Jackson played with her brother, Caiden too!

 We went to a Mexican restaurant that had yummy tortillas...and I got soda. =)

 Went to church with them and I went with Kelsey to her class and to meet all her friends. We made star necklaces!

 Jackson loved playing with "Baby Caiden".  He's still little but next time we see them he will be even bigger!!!

Thanks for the fun weekend!!!  We even made m&m christmas trees with paint!!!!!  Kari is so crafty!  She knows I LOVE crafts!!!!

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