Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pre-Christmas Festivities

Before we get to Christmas, I thought I'd show you a few Pre-Christmas Festivities!
 We made our first gingerbread house!

 We had a trip to Disneyland with it decorated as Christmas.  We went with our friends, Gabe and Weston and my babysitter, Kari!

 Weston and I...

 Mommy and his mommy, Miss Michelle

 Daddy had a party at our house for his employees.  It was an ugly sweater theme so Mommy and Daddy borrowed some clothes.  This hat was in the bag of clothes!

 Mommy and Daddy all ready for their party!

 I helped make these Christmas sticks with Mommy.  I LOVED eating the sprinkles!!!

 This is Daddy's boss.  I think his sweater was a little tight.

 Daddy said this is a "Prom Pose" picture.  I don't know what that means.  Hopefully he will tell me someday!

 These are the guys Daddy works with. They sure look funny!!

 They had a day at the mall where they brought an ice skating rink to go on!  Of course, I love ice skating...so we had to go!  It wasn't real ice though.  Felt funny.  I think it was some board with fake snow....oh well, I had fun anyways!

 Jackson and Daddy had fun watching. He's saying "cheese" here.

 We also went to this place by our house that had lots and lots of Christmas lights!  It was so cool!!!

This was a picture of one of the houses...It had a Santa on the roof that was called "Santa DJ".  He had strobe lights and was blasting Christmas music as we went by!  So fun!  He also had a train in his front yard that let out steam.  Jackson thought that was the coolest.
 Jackson and I helped Mommy make some yummy smelling poppouri...

 I made 2 cards for nice ladies at our church that are sick.  Here are my two cards we went to them in the mail.  I hope they liked them!

 My Awana class had a Christmas breakfast too!  We had yummy donuts and eggs and then went into lots of rooms and learned about the birth of Jesus.  It was fun to be with my friends and see people act out the scenes of the Nativity!

 Here are a few more pictures of Jackson and I making our gingerbread houses.  They were a little out of order and Mommy couldn't fix it.  Jackson just liked to watch and eat the sprinkles.

 I liked the sprinkles too!!!!  It was really messy!!

 Finally, we had a Christmas party at a bowling alley for Daddy's whole company.  Jackson and I played in the game room most of the night.  We had fun jumping on the dance revolution game and I beat Grandpa a few times at air hockey!!

 I finally got to meet Santa too!  I wrote him lots of letters this Christmas asking for different toys including a bike, scooter, robots, monsters and sand toys for Jackson.  We mailed them so I'm listening to him tell me that he received my letters!  I couldn't believe it!!!

 Jackson didn't care for Santa too much...

 At the party, they had karaoke too!  Jackson was up singing with the big kids first but I decided to join when they were singing Small World.  I really just watched and listened...but thought it was fun being on stage!

Here's another out of order picture!  This is Daddy's group he manages at word! They all are very nice and love to give me candy when I visit!

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