Friday, November 4, 2011

Playing Outside!!! We love California!

One of our favorite things to do before we moved was play outside on our slide and hope that our neighbors would come out so we could have a water balloon fight! Half of the time they did...half of the time Jackson and I would have our own with Mommy or we would play together by ourselves...

Me telling Jackson what's up. I'm your big brother. You will listen to me. I will protect you. I will beat you up until you are bigger than me.

We also liked to go on walks to the park! This was a hot day when Mommy went...Mommy thought Sully was going to pass out so she put Sully in the stroller with us!!!! I thought it was funny. It was too bright to open my eyes.

We went to Newport Beach one Saturday too...We went on a bike ride and went to the beach. They made Jackson wear a helmet! Every time we rode past another biker or runner I would ding the bell and Jackson and I would say HI. He wore his helmet for about 10 min. Don't tell anyone. I didn't.

Here is when the neighbors came out for a big water fight! This is Alexandria and I filling up balloons...

The enemies. Dominic, Mateo and Nico. Well, Nico was on Jackson's he wasn't an enemy.

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