Friday, November 4, 2011

Annual Labor Day Extravaganza!

Every year, we go to Palm Springs for Labor Day. Mommy and Daddy started the tradition before Jackson and I were born. They would go with their friends and go to the pool all day (girls) or golf all day (guys)! Now, there are 6 adults and 6 it's entertaining but has evolved into something much bigger! Here are some pics from the weekend!

The Mommies...Mommy, Cyndi and Kari (We miss Joy!!)

The Daddys...Daddy, Mike and Mark (we miss you Mike!)

I LOVED swimming this year since I took swim lessons this summer and know how to swim all by myself!!

Baby Caiden McElroy and Jackson. Jackson loved the "baby".

My friend Kelsey and her baby brother, Caiden.

Daddy and "Bubba" (another name I like to call him)

All of us kiddos! (Kelsey- 3, Laney-5, Caiden- 6mo, Cami-4, Jacob- 3, Jackson- 16mo)

Cami and I being silly! She is my girlfriend who is my age....=)
Everyone being crazy! Thankfully, we kept the house in tact and Mommy and Daddy got their full deposit back!!!!

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