Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Fun!

These are a bunch of pictures that were just fun days!!

Hiking with the Hayes'!

Daddy and Jack Jack who's sleeping. Daddy's been working out!!

Mommy and Daddy went to a Laker Playoff game! Thankfully they won the game they went to, but sad they lost overall!

Grandma came to visit for Jackson's birthday!!

I love my dog named Stairzy. Yup, I named him. =)

Grandma brought me a kite when she came! We had lots of fun at the park flying it!

Grandma and I running!

Playing with some new toys from Jackson's birthday party.

Also, while grandma was here we went to the fossil shop and broke a giode! It was so cool!

All this fun led to me falling and having to get 1 stitch in my lip. I was very good at the doctor getting it put in but it hurt!

Here's me with my stitch! Now, I just have a scar on my lip from it!!

Here's mommy with my babysitter, Juliette. I call her my girlfriend. She's going to college next year!
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