Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More June Fun!

Here are a few more fun pictures from the summer! Mommy said she is almost done catching up!

Jack in the Box =)

Mommy, Jackson and I went to see Kelsey and new baby Caiden! Here's an attempted picture...

Take 2

Jackson and Caiden

I'm a surfer

Jackson's blue eyes...

What we do every morning...love Sully until he barks!

What we also like to do while mommy is cleaning other rooms!!!

I (Jacob) actually took this picture all by myself. Jackson loves his wagon.

My babysitter/girlfriend Juliette graduating! Go Juliette!

I love my brother.

Relaxing after a good swim!

I loooovvvveee by bears. I can't go or sleep without them!

Jackson in the bathroom cabinet!

What a clown!
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