Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Friends...

Here is a picture of my friend Bailey Brown. We have been buds ever since I was born. She's moving to Ohio next week and I'm really sad. She came over and played and we went swimming one more time...I hope I get to see her again sometime!

Here's her brother Malachi. He was Jackson's friend and look-a-like (kind of!).

My friend, Sully.

This is one of my new friends, Sophia. Her mommy and daddy are on High School staff with mommy and daddy. She's fun! We went to a restaurant on the Van Nuy's airport runway and watched planes fly in and out!

This is us climbing...my friend Weston was there too, but he's not in the picture. Lei and Sophia here...

Jackson eating a twix. Just had to add it in the mix. =)

This is my friend Kari in the background...She's a babysitter too. I love her! Jackson does too!

Mommy added her last few pictures...Here's Jackson sleeping peacefully on Mommy. She said she loves when he does this (or me too!)

Jack Jack just being a clown (or pirate)!

One of Mommy's friends gave us this slide today. It's hopefully going to be going in a backyard soon..but for now, I had lots of fun on it in our patio!

Jackson did too!
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