Monday, June 3, 2013

My Little Girl, Payton Jeanne, is Here!

April 27th at 8:09pm, Payton Jeanne entered the world weighing 6lbs 11oz and 19in long.  I went into the hospital at 5:30pm after having contractions for a couple hours consistently and she was born a few hours later!  Just for the record, that morning I went to a tee ball game, the gym and the pool....all without having contractions and by the end of the day, she was here!  What a crazy Saturday.  However, I wouldn't have wanted it any different!  I didn't have time for an epidural so I was glad to only have the pain for a few hours and such an easy recovery! We think she looks like Jackson....and when I look at baby pictures of Jeremy and I, she looks more like Jeremy's pics.  Guess we'll see as time goes on who she resembles!  People just say she looks like a mix of both boys!  She does have a hint of red in her hair!!!  

Either because she's my third or just because she's so good, she's a really easy baby.  She has had no problems sleeping through the night even from the hospital!!!  I don't think she has cried one night and she's 5 wks as I write this post!  She simply moans when she's hungry.  The boys absolutely LOVE her.  Jacob is very protective of her and helps me get the things I need for her...and does a great job in the car giving her the paci when she's crying.  Jackson loves her too...sometimes a little too much.  =)  He loves to give her kisses and kisses....especially when she's sleeping (which then causes her to wake up!!).  When Payton was 4 days old, Jackson thought he would get her out of the swing and hold her...wanting to carry her from the swing to the couch!! Thankfully, I caught him trying to get her we didn't have a disaster but a VERY LONG teaching moment for both boys!!!!  She just loves staring at them and I know she will love them more and more as she gets older!  

Since this is the only post since she's been born and she's 5 weeks, there are quite a few pictures.  However, I wanted to have record so I can see the progress when she's older!  I love looking back on both of the boy's baby pics and seeing them change.  So, here we go!

When she came out, she pooped 3 times within the first 10 mins!!! Nurses thought it was hilarious.  Most babies are supposed to poop 6x in 24 hours.  I think she had that beat by 1 hour.  She has been a great pooper since!  =)  Looks like we'll have an over-achiever! 

When the boys first met her.  They brought her a card and just loved her!  Jacob was a little timid at first seeing me in the hospital but once he saw I was okay, he was happy.  When he found out I had to stay another night with the baby, she started to cry!!!  Jackson just wanted to 'pet' her over and over.

 Right when we brought her home.....

He would do this all the time if I let him.

She hasn't slept in the bed yet, but I thought it was a good pic to see how small she is in comparison because I know she will grow so fast!!

Her cousin Gia

And Auntie Natalie

After her first bath....this is one of my favorite pictures.  She looks like a doll!!!  She hardly even cried in the bath.

I didn't know how involved Jacob would be before she was born....he likes to pick out every single outfit and bow for her!!! I didn't quite expect that!! This was the first outfit he picked.  Funny thing is that when I was buying this onesie, he wanted nothing to do with it and wanted me to put it back!  

A week later, Grandma came!  We were glad to have her here to help with the boys, meals, cleaning and just be around for company!  Morning-time snuggles.

My baby girl and I

 My mom wanted a picture of me and Payton before I went to the shower.  She wanted to show my belly to people back I figured I would post it on here for record.  There is one there...I promise.  Still have another 8lbs to lose or so!

My little sunshine!

Our first trip to church as a family of 5!  We were only 30min late!! =)  It was Mother's Day!  I couldn't be more blessed with the 3 wonderful kids the Lord has entrusted us with today.  I'm thankful to have the ability to have healthy kids and pray they would love the Lord with their whole heart at a young age!  Thankful also for the two moms in my life that are huge examples and display Christ's love to me!

We were able to go to a Master's College Championship baseball game!  Kelsey was so excited to see baby Payton and was so excited her little sister was arriving soon too (Kari had Kinley 2 days ago- 6/1)!! Thankful we each have another kid that will be close in age!!!  We love the McElroy's!!!!  At the game, James Scott hit a home run and Master's ended up winning the game and making it to the College World Series!    She's 2 weeks old here.

2 1/2 wks old.  Such a bright eyed girl!  When she's wake, she is so wide-eyed!!  Nice, dark blue eyes.

3 weeks old- little smiles!  Real smiles.

At 3 weeks, we decided to take a trip to the beach with the Hayes' because the weather was gorgeous.  A beautiful 73 degrees in Malibu that day.  Payton enjoyed herself under an umbrella in the shade.  She did great and we had a great time!!

Along with the many other girl friends that are pregnant all at the same time, Claire and I were the closest.  We were 10 days apart throughout our whole pregnancy and now our babies are exactly 10 days apart!  This is Ethan Drumm, 10 days older. =)  It will be so fun taking pics now of all the babies and mommies post pregnancy!!!

She just loves her relaxed!!

Little cutie and her smiles.

She doesn't always smile...she does have pouty faces here and there.  They are do die for.  I know...just wait until she's older-she will have Jeremy wrapped around her finger!  Here's 2 pics of her pouty face. The best I could get.  Of course, big brother trying to calm her down.

filling out!  4 weeks

This is one of my favorites.  Taking a walk with the family!  Love how she is looking up at me!!

Brother love

4 weeks 

She received these awesome shades from friends.  The little diva doesn't know fashion yet...which is why she wasn't thrilled to wear them. 4 1/2 weeks.

5 weeks

First trip to the pool!  We went down to our community pool since the boys have been dying to swim.  She stayed in the shade for a majority of the time, but we did sit her in for about 5-10 min in the baby pool and she just sat there!  She cried when we sat her first in it- but was completely relaxed after the initial shock of water.  She will have plenty more swimming opportunities this summer since we have fish that love to swim around here! (and a mommy who loves the pool too)

She is such a happy baby!! 5 weeks

More brotherly love...

We had this done when she was 4 weeks at Color Me Mine, since someone gave it to us as a gift.  Although it took two trips and about 20 tries for the hands per trip, we got one that turned out great!  This is hanging up in her room.  We have something for both of the boys so it was a staple with her too.  What a great gift idea!

That's all for now.  I love my little girl!!!! <3 p="">

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