Friday, June 21, 2013

Loving These Summer Days...

I figured I had posted quite a few pics of Payton and our routine activities....but there are so many more things we have been enjoying since Payton has been here... mainly around the house!  We are so thankful for the beautiful, California weather and our wonderful backyard!  The boys are loving it too.

Here's what we've been up to lately:

Slip n Sliding

Lots and lots of baseball... have to change up the ball every now and then to a lemon. =)

Baseball games!  Master's College Mustang Baseball games... well, just one.  The championship game to make it to the World Series!  They won and we were able to see James Scott hit his first home run!

And spend time with the Macs too!

Happy Mother's Day!  My three favorite kids!!!  Payton's first day at church!

 Beach Trips. (this one with the Hayes')

Scooter Rides (this one happens to have the destination as the DONUT SHOP!)  They rode over a mile to it!!!  

Palm Tree swings after church.

Crazy days.

Bike riding!!!  Jackson got a "new" bike with training wheels that fits him perfectly!  Our neighbors gave it to us from a garage sale.... Great practice until he gets his own at some point!  He's doing great!

Jacob just learned how to ride with no training wheels!!! He picked it up right away and was a piece of cake!  The first night...

Staring at beautiful smiles and loving their sister.

Helping with dishes every now and then!  Teaching them young...

Baseball has party!

Jacob's first trophy.  He was sooo excited!

Swim lessons and the pool!

Fun BBQ's with friends!

Building. Jacob wanted a day where he could go and build something...So, I decided to take the boys to Home Depot and let them pick out some clearanced paint, clearanced wood, paint brushes, tape, etc and have a day of it. They LOVED IT!  I was the cool mom for the day. =)


never liked swaddling.


Duck feeding with grandpa.

Showing off birthday money they received from Aunt Tera and Uncle Aaron!!! And tattoos, of course.

This is what Jacob picked out with his own money to buy....another wise decision to teach him young about business deals!

Saturday morning donut shop runs.  Payton's first experience!

Father's Day picture-taking!!!  Happy Father's Day, daddy!!!

Playing at the park with friends.

Splash pad!

Just being strong superheros.  I love them!

 And just being cute.  My JOYS!!!!

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