Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Camp!

We had the opportunity again this summer to attend our Regeneration High School summer camp in Glorieta, NM.  We went as a family, so we had lots of family time in the car ride there and back....and during the week with the students!  Here are some pics from our week.  We had an awesome time away from the distractions of this world in His beautiful creation 7000 ft up....learning about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is our perfect Lamb, perfect sacrifice, our loving Savior and demands our full worship.  I'm thankful we are children of God and we look forward to another year with the High Schoolers to see them grow and develop into godly leaders/women or see one come to Christ (Lord willing!!).  We ultimately pray for our boys that they would grow up loving Christ, loving the church and hating sin.  We pray they come to know Him at an early age and that there are godly examples and leaders that take the time to invest in our kids' lives as we invest in others now.  We hope our boys see the joy and fun of High School ministry and camps....and how we love doing it as a family that honors the Lord.  We know what we do can't save our kids...but hopefully it's a stepping stone to the their Savior and their need for one....knowing God only can change their hearts.  On another note, the first day and first game...Jeremy fell on his wrist.  He thought he made have fractured ended up having to wear a splint all week.  Thankfully, it was only a sprain but he was unable to play games all week!!!  Maybe the Lord was saving him from getting hurt we all well remember....8 years ago at summer camp!!

 Car ride is always entertainment!!!

lunch stop!

 Our hotel in Flagstaff- Little America- highly recommend it!! They have a huge pool, hiking trail and playground for the kids!  Rooms are huge too!!  We got into Flagstaff last afternoon to enjoy the activities here...but came to buckets of rain!!  The boys still had fun on the playground in the rain for about 10 min!!!!  We did go to the hot tub that it worked out. =)

 Car ride again! Such great passengers!

 We made it!  They loved playing on the paddle boats!  Unfortunately, the day we wanted to ride them they were closed!!! Oh well....

 Beautiful view every morning!

 Love seeing these too worship Jesus and listen to the music!

 My view every message....from the childproof/sound room.  Worked out so great!

 Game time!!!! We were the lime green Raptors!!! Even found a shirt for Jacob with a raptor on it!!

 Some of my favorite girls!!!  The boys loved having all the high schoolers around!!!

 More favorites!!! =)  My two little cross country runners!  Jena and Amanda.  Now Juniors!!!

 This is the ball Jeremy hit while falling down and landing on his wrist!!

 One of the free times consisted of a little putt putt.

 More game time fun and sweet girls!!

 Some of my Jr. High girls that are now Seniors!!!  Time flies!! They grow up sooo fast!  Megs, Suzy and Lette.

 Two Kari's!!!  Kari with a K and Cari with a C. =)  (left and right)

 Katie- one of the medics!!  She was my co-small group leader last year at North....sad she won't be with me this year...but know the girls at another biblestudy will be blessed by her! She did such a great job at camp!  Thanks for taking care of Jeremy and Jacob's 2 bee stings! =)

 Luke Holland. =)  Jeremy really misses him but know his family is loved in Kansas!!!

 I was so thankful Juliette was able to be there for game crew!  I love her so much!  Hope she decides to join staff at some point..... Glad we were able to have some time together there!

 Carnival night.  This was by far the boys favorite night/activity!!! Bounce houses, cotton candy, blow up games....their perfect night!

 We love Robert too!!! Such a great guy!!!!

 One of the days I brought out the face paint for the boys.  Had intended to have someone draw a raptor on their face....but instead we started games and Jeremy was left to "watch the boys".  Apparently, he let them have some fun!!! =)

 Love this family picture!!!

 One of Jackson's favorite High Schoolers.... Kari.

 Water night game craziness!  NO THANK YOU!!! Firetrucks in the background!  Hardcore.

 The boys love Juliette too. 

 The last day they have a relay...that consists of doing crazy things and eating nasty things...Here are some pics of what they had to do.  Thankfully, we were hitting the road after the relay so I had a good excuse to not get muddy!!!!!!!!

BYE GLORIETA!!!! We had another great year with you!  Hope to see you next year!

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