Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Late Summer Activities!

These are some things we've done at the end of July and August!  Summer coming to a close!

 Before it got 110 degrees here...we would frequently take walks/bike rides around the neighborhood!  The last few weeks it's been really hot so we haven't done it as much...but look forward to doing it again! 

 On one of those really hot days, we headed over to Scooter's Jungle indoor playhouse!

 Newport Beach day with daddy!

 Sand crabs.  Another thing DADDY does.

 One Thursday, we headed to the Hollywood Bowl.  They have Sounds of Summer all summer so we went to the Mariachi day!  The kids liked it!  The moms were entertained too... =)  Just getting our kids exposed to different cultures......we do live in LA. =)

 During camp, some high school boys rode Jacob's old bike and bent it.  Needless to say, didn't work so we had to get him a new bike.  Decided to go one size up!  He picked out the orange and blue one with flames..... Here's our stylish boy riding it around the neighborhood!

 Baby Adeline is getting so much bigger and continues to get more and more hair!! =)  Her hair is about like Jackson's...who was in desperate need of a haircut.  It was her first trip to the pool!

 Another boy in desperate need of a haircut.  I think he looks like the boy in Little Rascals here!  Both boys have become quite good swimmers this summer!

 They had a Chick-Fil-A bday party one Friday night so we decided to attend. We love Chick-Fil-A!  They had free bounce houses and this huge ball you could go in and be rolled....Jacob loved it.  Jackson was too scared to try. 

 THE OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!!  We enjoyed watching the Olympics all day and night during the week we were here and not at camp!!!!!  I LOVE the Summer Olympics!  I love watching athletes compete for their country.  We especially loved watching this girl run.  Allison Felix is a lover of God and His Word, lives in Santa Clarita and her dad is a professor at The Master's Seminary....Way to go Allison!!!!!!!!!

 This was the Glendale Center Theater.  We had tickets from Jeremy's work to see Aladdin here.  We went with the Newbold's and the kids had fun.....definitely an interesting play! ha!  Glad we didn't have to pay lots for the tickets!!! 

 Jackson loved sitting on Amalia's lap. =) He's always with the ladies!

 Last week, we had the chance to surprise daddy at PF Changs!  He's worked at Regency Lighting for 10 years!!!  They threw a surprise congrats lunch for him!  So thankful for the job he has, the company he works for and the great friends he's made there!!!  Thanks for working hard, Daddy!

 Here's a pic of his crazy co-workers!!!

 Just another afternoon walk....we are excited to watch some Valencia High School football games from our neighborhood!  We plan to come over here some Friday nights to show the boys some football.  I think Jackson's more into football than his brother.... 

 Haircuts!  Got their mops cut off!

 Since camp, the boys think anytime they paint on paper it has to end with body painting....this is not going to be good!!!

 Notice Jackson's in UNDIES!!!!!  This week we are potty training!! I decided since it's a week with not a lot going on and we are about to start lots of activities for the next year we would try and knock it out!  Day 3....going well so far...only a couple accidents.  We'll see how it progresses!!!! He's loving getting a smartie everytime he goes on the potty.  His brother is wanting a piece of candy too for SUPPORT..... =)  he's not getting it.

Juliette brought us a few primary piano books she had in her room from when she started piano as a little kid!  Jacob and I spent about 30 min yesterday going through the first couple pages on learning keys on the piano.  He will eventually have lessons, but for now we can start learning at home!  He enjoys it....Jackson just watches and tries to do it too when I let him!  Brother duet at some point!  Just wait!

That's all for now!  Starting in 2 weeks, we have Pre-K, Awana, Biblestudy and Gymnastics!! Craziness is about to begin and won't end until college....crazy how time flies.  So thankful I can be home with these two boys and can see them grow and mature and hopefully lead them in a way that honors Christ daily by words and my actions!

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