Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some Final Fun Fall Photos!

So this post is just some fun photos of my brother and I and some friends over the last couple of months. Places like Disneyland, the Zoo, at home, bike riding, Jackson's first haircut, etc. It's also a chance for mommy to tell you what my brother's stats are this month and what I'm doing!! Jackson is 6 months...and weighs 15lbs (I'm 25lbs now!) and is 26 1/2" tall. Basically, he's in the 15% for weight (those cheeks can still be deceiving!!) and 50% for height. As far as me at that age, he has me beat by 1lb and 1 inch! So...for now I can still beat him up but maybe not later! He does have a strong grip...Jackson's sitting up by himself and not crawling yet, but probably will be soon. He's saying "mama" and "baba" all the time. I think "baba" is brother...but he always says it when mommy gives him a bottle. Daddy keeps trying to get him to say "dada" but he doesn't want to yet. He's a good brother always happy and smiling at me. I think he looks up to me. I try and be a good brother too. I've learned 2 bible verses so far this year from church! You can ask me to say them sometime and I will. I sing and dance lots....and love riding my tricycle and hitting the baseball outside. Mommy seems like she is always busy with my brother and I...I hope she gets good sleep at night. Daddy is really busy with work too...but I love spending time with him when he comes home and on Saturdays and Sundays! We like to play hide and seek and wrestle. I think that's it for now! It's past my bedtime. Here's some pics I promised you!

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