Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thursday Play Dates!

For the last couple of months, we have had the opportunity to have play dates with about 4 or 5 other moms and their kids at a different location each Thursday.  Mommy loves to talk with the other moms and Jackson and I love to play with all our friends!  We have gone to the zoo together, multiple parks, Scooters Jungle and this last week we went to Travel Town in Los Angeles!  It's a place that has lots of real trains to climb through!  Here are a few pics from our trip!

 couldn't get one with his eyes open!!!

Jackson and Jacob outside the train

 Jacob and his good bud, Hudson

 Jacob and his new, but fun friends Halle and Will (Jacob has a crush on Halle!)

 Part of the bunch!  Crazy monkeys!!!

 A few more monkeys added....

 Halle and Hudson were on a "date" so Jackson was chaperone. Apparently, she's a catch! =)  A cute catch!

We took a train ride with the group too....Jackson thought it was pretty cool!

We are so thankful for the fun times to hang out with other moms and their kiddos during the week!  I'm grateful for the opportunity to stay home and raise these boys and instill in them the truth of God's Word and just love them.  Thankful for my friends too!!!  Next time, I'll take a pic of the moms. I realize I forgot to do that!!!!

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